Broker for investment property such as hotels / apartments,
commercial buildings and office buildings

Service description

We have a line up of all asset classes (Asset type) for sale, including hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, as well as land for development. We will introduce the most suitable property according to your objectives, expected IRR (Internal Rate of Return), budget, and desired area.

We also act as an intermediary for the sale of hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, etc. which you owned in Thailand. SHINYU REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. (SHINYU REAL ESTATE), the affiliated company, has business tie-ups (In order of tie-up) with Tokyu Livable, Inc., Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. in Japan. In addition, we are able to provide a variety of sales networks, including connections with local law firms and banks.

Brokerage relationship diagram for investment property

Include following services for customers:

  • Asset management for real estate in Thailand by business organization
  • Overseas business development to strengthen recruitment activities by business organization
  • Asset management by Asset Management Companies and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals in Thailand

Benefit by each asset type


Stable operating rate

Thailand is one of the world's leading tourist countries, with 40 million tourists annually. Therefore, a stable operating rate can be expected.

Capital gain from future sale to the REIT market

The size of the REIT market in Thailand is expected to increase in the future, and the REIT market offers higher yields than physical real estate. Therefore, upside potential is expected.

Office building

Lack of “A” grade office building

There is a shortage of Grade A office buildings in Bangkok, and future needs are expected.

Increasing the share of the service sector in Thailand's GDP

Demand for office buildings is expected to increase.

Sectional commercial facility

Ownership of asset in prime locations

Commercial facilities such as commercial unit at the first floor of a condominium can be owned separately.

Capital gain from future sale to the REIT market

In the case of a commercial facility, you can also aim for capital gains by selling them on the REIT market.


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