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Service description

Thailand Elite is a membership program lead by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Which provide benefits for immigration, leisure, business and other privileges. Such as, Entitled for an issuance of a long-stay visa upon possession of a Thailand Elite Card. Transportation by limousine at the airport for arrival and departure , Complimentary golf and spa services are also available.

We handle this card under the current system, and provide brokerage trading services for the rare and valuable old Thailand Elite Card (permanent visa issuance, etc.)

Thailand Elite is

a long-term residency program for foreigners that was started in 2003 under Thai law.

Since the major membership changes in 2017 and the relaunch of the program as seven different extended stay programs, the popularity of the program has skyrocketed and as of 2020, more than 10,000 members are enjoying the benefits of Thailand Elite.

The current benefits are also very substantial, but the old elite card, which was issued in the past, has great benefits and is transferable for an unlimited period of time.

Recommended for these people

  • For those who want to stay in Thailand for a long time
  • For those who wish to receive VIP treatment at the airport
  • For those who want to receive benefits such as golf, massage, etc.
  • For those who value asset quality
    (Only the early perpetual cards that are no longer sold)
※If you want to get a permanent card, you can get it on the waiting list.

We have a large number of customers who are wealthy and want to purchase the old cards. They are on waiting list from our affiliated company “Shinyu Real Estate” Therefore, it can be sold quickly. We also buy them.

If you are interested in selling your permanent card, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.


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