For commercial real estate such as hotels and commercial buildings in Thailand, contact SHINYU ASSET MANAGEMENT.

Shinyu Real Estate CO.,LTD., the predecessor of Shinyu Asset Management has provided a One stop service in real estate for customer since September 2014. Shinyu Asset Management CO.,LTD., will continue to serve the needs of customers, especially real estate for commercial business such as hotels or commercial buildings

Broker for Property Investment

We have a line up of all asset classes (Asset Type) for sale, including hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings and land for development. We will introduce the most suitable property according to your objectives, expected IRR (Internal Rate of Return), budget, and desired area.

M&A Advisory

We provide advisory services and asset management for independent development asset and M&A consulting in joint ventures with local developers .In particulars, We support on negotiations ,Which require a broad network and expertise. We provide a one-stop service for the whole process. From project introduction, due diligence ,negotiation including exit strategy.

Broker for Thailand Elite Card

Thailand Elite is a membership program lead by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Which provide benefits for immigration, leisure, business and other privileges. Such as, Entitled for an issuance of a long-stay visa upon possession of a Thailand Elite Card. Transportation by limousine at the airport for arrival and departure , Complimentary golf and spa services are also available. We handle this card under the current system, and provide brokerage trading services for the rare and valuable old Thailand Elite Card (permanent visa issuance, etc.)



SHINYU ASSET MANAGEMENT provides broker for investment property such as hotels, commercial buildings, and office buildings, as well as real estate related M&A advisory services and sales of Thailand Elite, a national program of Thailand.


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